The birth of a book!


More than six months ago I started to tell my tales. I had to think hard, remember the long forgottens, and really feel once more some of the emotions I had happily packed away. But what an adventure!  My daughter Anna and neice Jane and I often talked about how important it was to log dome of our wonderful family history…so that it would be forgotten. When Mum had her devastatingly debilitating stroke, she couldn’t talk and some of her family stories were gone forever. So this was a great opportunity, commissioned to document some of my life, for publication!! 

Today my book hit the shelves, and the journey has been so interesting and such fun, including getting to know Charlotte Ward who was the ghost writer.

Yesterday I took part in the MIDWEEK  radio 4 shoe, which was intruiging, I met Willard White, Sierra James and Warwick Davies, and lovely Libby. The talk of mice and cockroaches what not what I planned, but hey! Then the book really started to sell! The amazon ranking rose to 291, and the tweets and whatsapps were flying in. Jim really was as hysterical as I was. Charlotte was right! I became obsessed.

So I would really like to hear from readers of my story, just in comments below….thank you!