What would Kathleen say?



Book reviews



I contacted Jill from More than Mummies via Twitter to ask her if she wanted me to review my book, and to my delight she agreed. Last night I read her opinion of Catching Babies, and was thrilled. It’s sensitively detailed and carefully written, and a copy is being offered in a competition on the website. 

What a great way to attract the public to your website, and to Catching Babies! Gransnet doing it to and Melt for Mother’s Day!

Today I am off to Media City in Salford to meet Dominic Hughes, he’s going to show us round and chat about my book….I think I’ll point him to Jill’s review…

PS Sarah reviewed my book too….another positive view!


Sharing Catching Babies


Lots of requests arrive for me to donate a book for a raffle prize or a competition. Great stuff! This photograph was posted on Facebook by Optimum Doula. Kathryn said ‘ I’m sure whoever wins the book will enjoy reading it. I enjoyed reading my own copy and think it is a must read for anyone working with birthing women, in the UK’.

So I really hope they do enjoy it.

Last night we were at the fabulous Malmaison Hotel in Leeds for Brigid and Jane’s Civil Ceremony celebration. It was a beautiful evening for so many reasons, and we enjoyed the company of especially positive and vibrant friends. 

One of the guests talked to me about writing Catching Babies and she asked me if I was making lots of money as the sales were so good. My response was quite clear…I don’t think I am! And I explained that actually my reason for writing the book was to document the wonderful stories for my children, and also to contribute to recording a bit of social history. And from the feedback it seems that I am also influencing the percetion of birth, which is a absolute bonus.

Financial gain whilst always welcome isn’t a priority.


Raising money and talking


I am about to embark on a series of talks about my book, to raise funds for charitable causes including the one here, at East Lancashire Hospice. This is the first. What an utter privilege. I have thought about what I am going to say for the past two weeks, and wondered what those in my company would like to hear about…

I am used to talking in public (although still find it nerve wracking) but this is different. I have to pitch it right, with little guidance. I have lots to say, but how do I say it? I thought listening to other speakers would help me. Recently I attended a charity dinner where the Calendar Girls gave a talk about their fabulous venture. It was amazing! Then last week I heard Josephine Cox talk about her life at the Thwaites Empire Theatre in Blackburn….and that too was inspirational and SO interesting. I am no wiser though, except that I know I have the right content…..

PS last week I also met Pam from Pam’s Bookend in Great Harwood. I loved this booksop; couldn’t believe I’d never been in it before! What an emotional time I had, talking to her about my mum and my time living in the town as a child. Just outside the window where my little book is being sold is the Mercer Hall baths where I learnt to swim, the street where my friends lived, and the shop where I had my very first Saturday job. It all seemed surreal, and so very right that I was there. Pam and I have planned a book signing on 17th March, perfect that my first ‘appearance’ (not at all grand) is in this nostalgic place.