Message from future midwife



Well, what a surprise it was-and I feel proud to share it.

Zahra sent me a message via my Facebook page, and I am thrilled and humbled that my story is being used this way.  Here it is:


‘Hi Sheena,

I have just finished reading your book catching babies and I have absolutely loved it. I currently have three weeks left to complete an introduction to study health in Hamilton New Zealand. The intro to study is the first step in my journey to study midwifery. Next January I will start my three year Midwifery degree. I read your book as part of an assignment I have for human growth and development. We were asked to read a biography / memoirs of any person we found interesting and have to write an essay to determine whether we think the events of a persons life illustrate the adult stages as theorised by Erikson and Levinson. While I chose your book because of the relevancy to my future study of midwifery, I found it not only to be a very good read that I struggled to put down, but it was very interesting to see midwifery and its changes over the years and through your eyes. I would like to thank you for writing this amazing inspiring book. I strongly relate to your philosophies and ideas when it comes to the way you chose to practice. I have borrowed your book from the local library, but I am going to purchase a copy next week, so I can reread it through different stages of my career as a midwife and use it to make sure my care is as good as yours. Thank you, for the book and for the changes you helped make to the practice of midwifery.’


Zahra- Future midwife and mother of three.