Another great review!

I was thrilled to recieve a ‘tweet’ last week from @cassam10  to say that she had reviewed Catching Babies…and I was delighted to read what she thought. It’s always good to know that my book is still being enjoyed by so many, and that readers find time to write about it!

The letters are still coming in from far and wide from readers who feel compelled to put pen to paper and to get in touch with me. Some come via Headline, the publishers, who kindly forward them on to me.

There are those who feel connected to me through the midwifery profession, others who have had difficult or positive birth experiences and want to tell me, and individuals who simply have the desire to let me know just how much they liked reading about my life and career. It never fails to amaze me and I feel totally humbled. One very special letter arrived today, post marked Buckingham Palace….


Tomorrow night I am attending the Deli Med book club in Preston as a guest and am looking forward to meeting local women who have read my story..I wonder if there’ll be lots of things to debate?

Did HM The Queen receive her copy of Catching Babies?


It’s the Diamond Jubilee year, and the month. I couldn’t be part of the celebrations in Blighty as we are visiting our lovely Dutch family.

But I was extraordinarily lucky enough to be invitied to HM the Queen’s house…to celebrate with her!


How good is that….and before I went to the Garden Party I sent Queen Elizabeth a copy of my book, Catching Babies.

I did it for several reasons, but mostly I thought she may like it.

And my local newspaper mentioned it in a report.